WP Menu Icons

Effectively Add And Customize Icons For WordPress Menus
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  • 26 Jul, 2018
  • 1st August, 2018
  • 1.0.3
  • GPL v3
  • Utilities
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WP Menu Icons is a premium plugin which is used to assign advanced font icons to display visually informative menus for WordPress Site.
Best Integration plugin with a wide range of font icons for WordPress Menus to configure and display it for each menu items individually using WP Menu Icons
WP Menu Icons is one of the best WordPress premium plugins to display icons in a unique, responsive and best way. You can display the different icon for different menu items.
Resulting in your site to the better online performance, visually informative menus display with splendid appearance.

Feature Lists

* 10+ Pre Available Menu Icons
Available Font Icons:
– Font Awesome
– Dashicons (WordPress core icons)
– Genericons
– Lineraicons
– Icomoon
– Themify Icons
– Elusive icons
– Typicons
– Foundation Icons
– Captainicon
– Devicons
– Elegant Icons
– Ionicons
– MFG Labs Icon Set
* Menus system integration
– Assign Icon To Menu Items Within WP Menus Admin UI
– Easy to use, configure many options for each menu items individually.
* 15+ Icon Hover Animation
* Menu Icon Positioning
– Left of Menu Title
– The right of Menu Title
– Top of Menu Title
* General Settings
– Show/Hide Icon On Desktop/Mobile/Tablet
– Show/Hide Menu Label
* Advanced Icon Settings
– Upload Custom Icons
– Set custom icon width / height
* Custom Styling Options
– Icon Font Color/Hover Color/Size
– Menu Label Font Color/Hover Color
– Enable Icon Divider/Color
* Compatible With
– All WordPress Themes
* No Coding Skills Required
* Supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices.

– Support

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  • Chat support

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