WP Cookie User Info

Cookie Notification Plugin for WordPress
  • Free
  • 5 Feb, 2018
  • 19 Jun, 2018
  • 1.0.2
  • GPL v3
  • Notification Bar

WP Cookie User Info is a FREE WordPress Plugin which allows you to apply cookie information on your website on different positions. Its fun because – you can create, customize and build the cookie info for your site on your own, choose on what to display as a message, where to display it and reappear after how long.

No coding needed! Just 5 minutes setup and configuration! Works perfectly with all ‘well coded’ themes!

Feature Lists

* Pre Designed 5 Templates to choose from
* Available Settings
– Bar Notification
– Positioning the Cookie bar
– Setting your own Custom Template
* Cookie info Occurance
– Per Session
– After few days
– Only once
– Always(on reload)
* Cookie info Display Pages
– Every pages
– Only on Home page
* Cookie User Infos Stored in Database
– Adding a Cookie Notice
– Listing the Cookie info in backend
– Editing the Cookie Notice
* Cookie Notice Preview

– Support

  • Forum support
  • Email Support
  • Chat support

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