WP Comment Designer

Design WordPress Comments And Comment Form
  • US $ 19
  • 2 April 2018
  • 13 December 2019
  • 3.1.5
  • GPL v3
  • Utilities
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WP Comment Designer is an Ultimate WordPress Plugins thats helps change the layout of the WordPress comments and comment form. You can also add 7 extra custom fields to your comment form, namely, text area, text field, radio button, checkbox, select option, number and file uploader. The form fields, both default and custom, are rearrangeable . Also, The plain comment area can be replaced with the WYSIWYG Editor.

This fully responsive and RTL compatible plugin also allows user to edit their comment , sort the comments based on the most recent and most liked comment. This Plugin makes your comment section more fun and engaging with its its advanced features such as comment pagination, basic comment rating options, ability to hide individual comment thread, AJAX Comment Loading, ability to delete comment, ability to display error messages in the same page and options to display only certain part of the lengthy comments . Admins can also make the comment form display on trigger, allow user registration and moderate the comments using Comment Flagging options . All in all, It is an easy to use plugin that works on replacing the plain WordPress Comments Section with a more attractive and interactive one.

Advanced Features List

    • Display Options
      • Enable/ Disable WP Comment Designer
      • Enable/ Disable Comment Sorting
      • Show/Hide Comment Child
      • Show/Hide Total Comment Number
      • Enable/ Disable Comment Rating
    • Flag Comments
      • Assign who can flag the comments besides the Admin
    • Delete Comments
      • Assign who can delete the comments besides the Admin
    • Comment Sorting Based on most recent and most liked
    • Different attractive templates
      • Beautifully designed 15 different templates for comments listing and comment form to select from
    • Comment Breaking
      • Display only certain part of the long comments and add Read More trigger button
    • Edit Comments
      • Allow users to edit their comments and the values entered via the custom form fields
    • Comment Pagination
      • Page Number
      • Load More
      • Infinite Scroll
    • User Registration Options
      • Explicit
      • User Selection
    • Display Comment Form
      • Always Show
      • Show on trigger
        • Inline
        • Popup
    • Custom Comment Fields
      • Text Field
      • Text Area
      • Radio Button
      • Checkbox
      • Select Option
      • Number
      • File Uploader
    • Translation Ready & Fully Responsive
    • RTL Compatible
    • Tested on all modern browsers
    • Touch Friendly
    • WordPress 4.9 ready!