Everest Counter Lite

Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress
  • Free
  • 13th August 2017
  • 3rd September 2019
  • 2.0.1
  • GPL v3
  • Utilities

Everest Counter Lite – Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress

Everest Counter Lite is a perfect plugin if you want to showcase statistics values of :

  • Your achievements (x awards won, x projects completed, x years of excellence etc).
  • Your team strength / excellence (x top managers, x line managers, x country directors)
  • Your store / business strength in numbers(x branches, x Service centers, x customer support centers etc)
  • Your product ranges (x Type 1 products, x type 2 products, x type 3 products)
  • Your process (x days of development cycle, x round of testing)

And any other your key business statistics which empowers your brand and increases your business value.

Now, showcase your key business statistics in our 5 stunning beautiful layouts including image background or color background.

No coding needed! Just 5 minutes setup and configuration! Works perfectly with all ‘well coded’ themes!

Grab your copy now!

Feature Lists

* 5 different layout to choose
* Option to configure the column display settings for mobile, tablet and desktops
* Background options – image or background color selection option
* Overlay option for background image
* Add unlimited stat counter items for each stat counter.
* Configure the stat counter items individually with various dynamic css options.
* Supports fontawesome icons and dashicons.
* Stat counter item sorting option.
* Add CTA to each counter item

– Support

  • Forum support
  • Email Support
  • Chat support

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