FB Messenger Button For WordPress – WP FB Messenger Button Lite

Version 1.0.8
4th October, 2018

Replacement in JS and CSS script

Version 1.0.7
4th October, 2018

Replacement of the messenger icon in the button templates with other icon

Version 1.0.6
21st September, 2018

Refinement in the code

Version 1.0.5
28st August, 2018

Refinement in the code

Version 1.0.4
1st August, 2018

Resolved an issue regarding custom CSS

Version 1.0.3
2nd July, 2018

Refinement in the code

Version 1.0.2
19th June, 2018

Fixed bug related to shortcode generator.
Fixed bugs related to display of the selected templates and button positions.
Refinement in JS Script
Refinement in the code.

Version 1.0.1

Done the bug fixings for the display of the save message.
Done bug fixings for the settings page of floating button and shortcode generator.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release of a plugin.