Free Design WordPress Comments And Comment Form – WP Comment Designer Lite

Version 2.0.0
 20th September 2019

Refinement in CSS Script

Version 1.0.9
 3rd September 2019

Refinement in the plugin code

Version 1.0.8
 4th June 2019

General bug fixes and refinement in the code

Version 1.0.7
 22nd April 2019

Bug fix in the template
Refinement in the JS Script

Version 1.0.6
 11th January 2019

 Refinement in frontend CSS Script
 Made plugin compatible with WordPress version 5.0 

Version 1.0.4
 1st August 2018

 Refinement in JS Script 

Version 1.0.3
 2nd July 2018

 Revised code for translation ready 

Version 1.0.2
 18 June 2018

 Fixed bugs related to custom CSS 
Fixed a bug related to comment rating

Version 1.0.1
31st May, 2018

Refinement in the CSS and JS script
Fixed a bug related to date
Addition of one more template

Version 1.0.0
2nd April, 2018

Initial release of a plugin.