Everest Counter – Beautiful Stat Counter Plugin for WordPress

version 1.0.9
4th November 2019

This update consists of refinement in JS Script and compatibility check with WordPress v. 5.2.4

version 1.0.8
4th September 2019

- General bug fixes and refinement in the code

version 1.0.7
9th August 2018

- Revision in code for translation ready

version 1.0.6
27th July 2018

- Refinement in the JS Script

version 1.0.5
26th July 2018

- Updated the version of waypoints JS to 4.0.1

version 1.0.4
28th June 2018

- Done the addition of the header text to each template.
- Refinement in the code and JS script

version 1.0.3
8th Feb 2018

- Done the bug fixings for the error occurring by including Mobile_Detect file in shortcode file.

version 1.0.2
23rd Nov 2017

Fixed the small bug appearing for the youtube link missing for display settings.
Updated the wp-color-picker alpha js to latest version 2.1.2
Fixed the CSS issue appearing for the color picker after update of the color-picker-alpha js

Version 1.0.1
30th August 2017

Added the feature to enter the counter value prefix and suffix values.
Allowed to enter the formatted number for the count values.
Done CSS fixes for all template

4th August 2017

Initial release of a plugin.