Display Like/Dislike Comment Rating For WordPress – Everest Comment Rating Lite

Version 2.0.1
 3rd September 2019

Refinement in the plugin code 

Version 2.0.0
 4th June 2019

General bug fixes and refinement in the code 

Version 1.0.9
 22nd April 2019

Refinement in the JS Script 

Version 1.0.8
 9th January 2019

Refinement in the code 
Fixed a bug related to custom post 
Tested compatibility with WordPress version 5.0 

Version 1.0.7
 1st November 2018

 Resolved an issue regarding custom CSS 

Version 1.0.6
 1st August 2018

 Resolved an issue regarding custom CSS 

Version 1.0.5
 2nd July 2018

 Revised the code for translation ready 

Version 1.0.4
 18 June 2018

 Fixed bugs related to custom CSS 
 Code Refinement 
 JS Refinement 

Version 1.0.3
 1st June 2018

Addition of Seperate like/dislike count feature
Addtion of 2 more templates
Addtion of custom text options
CSS Refinement
JS Refinement

Version 1.0.2
 22 November 2017

 Removed Selection of Icon Size Option

Version 1.0.1
 19 November 2017

 Added a feature of selecting number format
 Made changes in the Templates
 Checked Compatibility with WordPress 4.9
 CSS Refinement

Version 1.0.0
16 October 2017

 Plugin Submitted