We are usually asked about:

What is free WordPress plugins?

Free WordPress plugins are those plugins which gives access to limit features and functionalities but available free of cost. Mostly free plugins are featured in WordPress repository.

What is premium WordPress Plugin?

Premium WordPress plugin is high quality, feature-rich plugin for customers who wants advanced functionality for their website. For this you have to pay some amount but it access you to wide range of powerful features and more customization possibilities. It makes your work easier, prevent you from different hassle and save your time. You can browse all our premium plugins on Codecanyon.

Why do I need a WordPress Plugin?

When you need a specific functionality in our website but your theme don’t allow that, then you can access that feature or functionality using plugin. So simply, you need plugin to enhance the functionality or strengthen your website.

Is your plugin secure?

Yes, all our plugins are safe and secure.

Does your plugin works with latest version of WordPress?

Yes, our plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

How often the plugin is updated?

Usually the new update of a plugin release in 15 days but it sometime varies according to the type of plugin and bugs.

Why are your premium plugins available only in CodeCanyon?

Because, CodeCanyon is the leading marketplace with millions of customers from all over the globe. It features the high quality products after strict review and test. Unlike other marketplace, it accepts only genuine and worthy products and helps customer for right selection. It is trusted by millions of people.

Do you help install and configure the plugin?

Yes, we help for installation, setup and configuration.

Do you have plugin customization service as per my need?

Yes, we have plugin customization service to meet your every need.

Do you offer new custom plugin development service?

Yes, we offer new custom plugin development service.

Do you provide needed support?

Yes, we have a dedicated expert team who provide needed support.

What is turnaround time for support?

Usually, the turnaround time for support is no more than a business day.