Social Auto Post – Additional note for Facebook Issues

On a social media like Facebook, you can be subjected to restrictions for multiple reasons. The reasons are neither made public by Facebook nor are they predictable.  And as of now, since the SPAM control system of Facebook is a well-kept secret, we can only guess what it entails.

So, you might try your best to save yourself from Facebook’s blocking, but the process is full of tribulations. To make matters worse, you can not find standard methods or values to completely avoid blocking.

Maybe you did figure out some techniques to save yourself from blocking, but still the same technique might not work for other accounts. Facebook follows a wide variety of mechanisms to impose restrictions, which are based on the nature of the account, and information of the account holder. So, due the unpredictability and uncertainty of Facebook’s restriction/blocking mechanism, it is believed that best way to be in Facebook’s good books and avoid getting restricted or blocked is – to make sure your content meets the Facebook Community Standards –

Apart from that, here are some other tips that might be helpful to avoid getting blocked by Facebook:

  • Don’t create a personal account with a business’s name.
  • Insert all your personal data, information in your Facebook profile. Even if you need to insert fake information, do it. But do not leave your information sections blank.
  • Avoid sending friend requests in a huge number.
  • Don’t send tons of spam messages to friends.
  • Don’t join groups very fast or engage in loads of activities on Facebook during automate posting.
  • Try to make your account’s behavior as real as possible. Even when its not.
  • Try to make each of your posts unique and distinct.
  • Keep a minimal interval of more than 15-20 minutes between two posts.
  • Be careful to only post in groups that might be interested in your audience.
  • Do not post more than 50 times in a single day.
  • Also, do not post spam content.