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People spend more time on social media these days. Make your business available on all major social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest. We setup unique social media profiles, make custom applications for capturing leads, running competitions and help you promote your product/services.

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We can help you create social profiles, increase & engage fans/followers and generate leads. Contact us today - to learn more.


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how we work


We start with building social media profiles/or re-doing the ones you already have. We have a list of ingredients that should be in an effective social media profiles - from our experience and research.

Increase Fans, followers

What if you have built an awesome social media profiles but no one views it? Building fans and followers (and the real ones!) is equally important. We implement plenty of tricks and techniques to increase fans and followers - all organic.


Having hundreds and thousands of fans alone doesn't work, your fans should be talking/sharing and creating viral effect on your products/services.

Which can eventually bring in leads. And why would someone visit your social media profiles again and again if there is nothing engaging? So we work on various aspect of fan engagement on your social media profiles.

Generate Leads

New leads mean more sales and greater profits. The key to lead generation is using a variety of strategies at the one time. Just advertising your business in a local newspaper probably won’t generate a large number of leads for you. Our 4 steps social media promotion plans - helps you get real leads.


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We have used Access Keys for three webs and e.commerce projects and have always found their work to be totally professional and reasonably priced including well supported on any customer issues that were encountered.

  • Bryan Smith
  • Jumpstart Business & Legal Solutions
  • South Africa

The team at Access Keys is always available for consultation whenever needed. Their quality of work is the reason we have been using them for several years and more to come in future.

  • Suhail
  • MuslimGear.com

We have worked with Arjun at Access Keys and the programmers there for over a year on multiple projects. We have appreciated their professionalism and their attention to details. The programming we have received from them has been very good and they have been able to implement our designs well. They have a good design idea themselves and have been able to suggest many improvements to our site during the development process.

  • Kerry Kimzey
  • CEO
  • Kimzey Software Solutions

When I first started my online business I was so frustrated with my web developers. Nothing ever got done, deadlines where never meet, more mistakes were made than successful outcomes. Then one day something amazing happened; I met Arjun and his team at Access Keys. Ever since then things changed, their fast reliable service has impressed me. I am extremely happy with the service I have received from Access Keys and look forward in doing much more business with Arjun and his team in the future.

  • Manu Bhopal
  • 514-839-5482
  • InDiva Designs

These guys are very good and really know their stuff. If a problem arises they find creative solutions to resolve it, and are willing to think outside the box and work with you. You'll certainly be in good hands with this co.

  • Nexus Sea
  • Exclusive Music Co.

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